NetEnt Casinos – Licensed in regulated markets

Maturing Markets

Having used their superior business model and creativity to become a market leader and remain ahead of their competition in the maturing online gaming industry, NetEnt is ensuring that they retain that prestigious status by investing heavily in both personnel and technology. This also makes sure that what players are getting is the best of both service and innovative solutions.

With online gaming evolving and customers increasingly demanding more and more in terms of game sophistication, availability and entertainment value, NetEnt has become renowned for their top-quality and innovative gaming solutions that in addition to the maximum entertainment offered to the player also gives higher ROI to the operators and online gaming investors.

Market Share

Online gaming rose by 12% from 2013 to be a 29-billion market in 2014, with casino gaming occupying about 21% of the market. In 2013, NetEnt had seen their share of the online casino market in Europe rise to around 31% from 27% one year earlier.

Entry to Regulated Markets

NetEnt is fully aware of the fact that regulated markets are the future of online gaming and is therefore constantly monitoring, planning, developing and adapting their operations and solutions for a smooth entry into the new regulated markets. While getting a license and becoming compliant in a certain jurisdiction can be a quite demanding experience, NetEnt’s vast experience in the dynamics and challenges involved in the process of entry into a new market can help operators exploit these online gaming opportunities in regulated markets.