Testing & Certification of RNGs

Net Entertainment Software -&- Random Number Generators

In a bid to ensure the highest levels of integrity and international quality standards, all NetEnt systems, games, RNGs (Random Number Generators) and other gaming solutions undergo regular randomness tests that are performed by independent accredited testing authorities. All the systems, policies, practices processes and algorithms that NetEnt uses are geared towards ensuring that the system is completely fair to all the gamers using it, and the probability of winning is equal to everybody participating.

Testing & Certification of RNGs

The RNGs applied by the gaming software used at NetEnt has undergone testing and certification by iTech Labs to ensure random and fair gaming to the highest statistically-acceptable international standards of regulated betting. Below is the mathematical and statistical analysis implemented by iTech:

– Randomness tests that apply the Marsaglias Diehard Battery of Tests of Randomness;
– Scaling tests for slot games; Roulette & scratch card games;
– Shuffling tests used for both without-joker & one-joker single-deck games, as well as 4-deck, 6-deck & 8-deck card games. This shuffling algorithm assures a truly random check.

iTech performs all these verifications and tests using sample sizes that are big enough to give their calculations and measurements sufficient statistical credence and power. In addition, RNG’s certified code is fingerprinted to ensure the highest levels of software security and integrity.